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out of stock 英[aut ɔv stɔk] 美[aʊt ʌv stɑk] (商店等中)无现货的 [例句]Meanwhile , thrift stores and websites are out of stock of vintage designs , the more elaborate the better. 与此同时,二手货店和网店的...

您好,他的意思是:无现货的,脱销的 1.So many children have bought toy rockets that the store is now out of stock. 这么多的孩子买了玩具火箭,现在商店都脱销了。 I am sorry, but that product is out of stock at the moment. 很抱歉,...

temporarily out of stock 暂时缺货 out of stock [英][aut ɔv stɔk][美][aʊt ʌv stɑk] (商店等中)无现货的; 双语例句 1 They considered placing a new order for the handbag with quicker shipping, but it was out of...

out of stock 缺货 双语对照 词典结果: out of stock[英][aut ɔv stɔk][美][aʊt ʌv stɑk] (商店等中)无现货的; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. "As the boss, make sure you don't run out of stock. “身为一个老板,要...

out of stock:是没有库存的意思 你可以问问对方 when the stock is availalbe? 然后根据你这边要货的情况下单。

没有货了. 意思是你还不可以买.. 做任务吧.. 做到某个任务就可以买了..

Now it's out of stock.现在缺货。 out of stock 意为:没货; 没有库存; 脱销 例句:They sent me all the way to Brighton to buy some special component, but it turned out to be a fool's errand because they are out of stock. 他们派我...


out of stock 缺货 双语例句 out of stock 英 [aut ɔv stɔk] 美 [aʊt ʌv stɑk] (商店等中)无现货的

已脱销 我是老师,有什么不懂的可以继续问我 很开心为你解答,希望你能采纳

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