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I love my mother very much. Zhang Heng,a kind woman,is my mother.She has long curly hair,she is of midium height.And she is a little fat,because she hate doing exersice.But she is very busy every day,she have to clean the house...

Dear+人名用在普通书信 My dea用在特别亲近的人的书信


1. in 2. church 3. hand 4. and 5. afterwards 6. to 7. on 8. with 9. reasonable 10. to 略

告诉你一个办法,你可以把英文输入到word文档里,然后再转换字体 花体字..即可。

还有本 dear monther

亲爱的宝贝,在妈妈心里你就是我的全部 词典结果 亲爱的宝贝,在妈妈心里你就是我的全部 Dear baby, in my mother's heart, you are my all

亲爱的艾比,我是一个无助的母亲。我的儿子汤姆15岁。我发现他越长大,我们的谈话就越少。我感到非常难过,我真的需要帮助。 我的第一个问题是关于他的兴趣爱好。他几乎把所有业余时间都花在电脑游戏上了。当他回家时,他总是打开电脑,关上门。...

Check(√)Peter's mother or Peter.1b 听录音。...My mom did not say anything and walked away.我...Dear Sir,亲爱的先生:I do not understand why ...

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