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DEAr my mothEr

I love my mother very much. Zhang Heng,a kind woman,is my mother.She has long curly hair,she is of midium height.And she is a little fat,because she hate doing exersice.But she is very busy every day,she have to clean the house...


1. in 2. church 3. hand 4. and 5. afterwards 6. to 7. on 8. with 9. reasonable 10. to 待

Dear+繁兆喘壓噸宥慕佚 My dea喘壓蒙艶牌除議繁議慕佚

珊嗤云 dear monther


牌握議右唄,壓第第伉戦低祥頁厘議畠何 簡灸潤惚 牌握議右唄,壓第第伉戦低祥頁厘議畠何 Dear baby, in my mother's heart, you are my all

牌握議穐曳厘頁匯倖涙廁議銚牌。厘議隅徨明跳15槙。厘窟嵋埆海寄厘断議霧三祥埆富。厘湖欺掲械佃狛厘寔議俶勣逸廁。 厘議及匯倖諒籾頁購噐麿議佶箸握挫。麿叱窄委侭嗤匍噫扮寂脅雑壓窮辻嗄老貧阻。輝麿指社扮麿悳頁嬉蝕窮辻購貧壇。...

御盆低匯倖一隈低辛參委哂猟補秘欺word猟亀戦隼朔壅廬算忖悶 雑悶忖..軸辛。

弌籾1:C弌籾1:A弌籾1:D弌籾1:C弌籾1:A 弌籾1:功象I¨m visiting┣旅曖Beijing with my mother and my sister Kate now式佚議俸兆Henry 辛岑材旋嶬旆旄亶絞僉C弌籾1:功象My father is a doctor at a hospital and he doesn¨t have time...

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