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I love my mother very much. Zhang Heng,a kind woman,is my mother.She has long curly hair,she is of midium height.And she is a little fat,because she hate doing exersice.But she is very busy every day,she have to clean the house...


My Dear Mother My mother was a woman sticking to traditions.She was too conservative to keep up with the times.But she was the person I loved best in this world,for she was kind hearted and warm hearted.She was strict with me a...

亲爱的宝贝,在妈妈心里你就是我的全部 词典结果 亲爱的宝贝,在妈妈心里你就是我的全部 Dear baby, in my mother's heart, you are my all

1. in 2. church 3. hand 4. and 5. afterwards 6. to 7. on 8. with 9. reasonable 10. to 略

darling 更侧重于口语 dear 侧重于书面语

小题1:C小题1:A小题1:D小题1:C小题1:A 小题1:根据I’m visiting(参观)Beijing with my mother and my sister Kate now.及信的署名Henry 可知亨利现在在中国,故选C小题1:根据My father is a doctor at a hospital and he doesn’t have time....

告诉你一个办法,你可以把英文输入到word文档里,然后再转换字体 花体字..即可。


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