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calm [kB:m] adj. (天气、海洋等)静的, 平静的, 镇静的, 沉着的 v. (使)平静, (使)镇定, 平息 calmly [`kB:mlI] adv. 平静地, 安静地, 冷静地 就是说,前者为动词和形容词 后者为副词,用于形容动词 二者词性不一样,这就是区别


and try 才对。 链接的是两边的动词。前面动词用的圆形,后面也要用原形。所以这个trying 要写成try 后面那个and 中,应该是 quiet and clam 要都是一样的词性

I never have any idea of making my dream come true but/except to want to take it easy/ face it calmly.

Q: perhaps it is because of these memories and experiences Can make our future more calmly and firmly

一般来说,形容词的结尾有很多,主要有-able, -ible, -al, -ical, -ant, -ary, -ful, -less, -ous, -ious, -some, -y, -ly结尾;而副词一般来讲以-ly结尾的居多。所以只要区分那些以-ly结尾的词,具体是副词还是形容词就可以了。 当一个词它以-l...

maturity is understand everything in sight and can calmly 成熟是明白眼前的一切,可以从容 例句: 1. Tired siri is limited in what it can do and understand. 不过Siri的功能和理解力还是有待提高。

. Just listen calmly. You are in danger right n

3. Hungary, by contrast, reacted calmly to events in Yugoslavia. 相比之下,匈牙利对南斯拉夫发生的一系列事件反应平静. 4. In contrast with its surface ...

We can't expect all our life calmly gaining and losing losing and findings 是丢失和寻找(失物招领)

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