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get bent out of shape 变弯曲形;杞人忧天 例句 1.I know you're worried about your job interview, but don't get bent out of shape. 我知道你很担心你的口试,但别杞人忧天了。 2.Hey, don't get bent out of shape, your exam will be sur...

bent out of shape 弯曲变形,引申为焦躁不安、大发雷霆的意思,根据上下文语境来翻译吧。

你让我没型了, 意思是你让我失控了。

英语口语——我很烦 You got me all bent out of shape. 你使我心烦。 That gives me the hump. 那使我心烦。 The news completely upset me. 这条消息使...

get out of 表示逃避;避免 用法有get sb out of:使…出来 get bent out of shape:十分生气 I can't get out of the habit of waking at six in the morning. 我早上一到六点就醒,这习惯改不掉了。 you should give your son some money to get ...


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