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have been是现在完成时 are being是现在进行时(一般说are getting / are becoming)

is being 和 are being 都是被动语态的正在进行时态 。 is 和 are的使用取决与主语的人称数:一般情况下,第三人称单数就用 is ;you 及复数就用 are 了: eg: You/they are being told how to dance by the teacher at the moment (now). She ...

some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点1. but other people take an opposite side. they firmly believe that 观点2. as for me, i agree to the former/latter idea. there are a dozen of reasons behind my belief. firs...

第一个be如果是过去式,动作就是在过去的某个时间正在发生; 第一个be如果是一般现在时,那么动作就是现在正在发生。

you are beautiful比较常用 但是you are being beautiful也不能算错,可以理解成:你现在很漂亮..(表示正在进行时) 类似用法还有:You are being rude now,你现在很粗鲁

你好 这两种说法都是可以的 如果加上个being的话,表示强调现在的状态 表示进行的意思 如果去掉的话仅仅是表达状态

这里不是过去进行时,而是一个另外一个语法现象。。be + being + 表语(形容词或者名词),意思是 表示一时的表现。 例如: You are being very clever today 你今天的表现很聪明, He is not being modest today.他今天这样不太谦虚。 They are...

你正在被做成表(you are being watched) 。。。。 这个是几乎每集开头都有的。。。

【Being done的用法】 一、与be动词一起构成现在进行时的被动语态(am/ is/ are being done)和过去进行时的被动语态(was/ were being done)。如: The new houses are being painted.这些新房子还在刷漆。 When I went to pay him a visit, h...

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