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否定句There aren't some flower in the park


1. doesn’t watch Does, watch he does he doesn’t2. doesn’t do Does, do she does she doesn’t3. don’t have Do you have I do I don’t4. can’t run Can your, run he can he can’t

We had lessons yesterday. 否定句:We didn't have lessons yesterday. 一般疑问句:Did you have lessons yeterday ? 肯定回答:Yes , we did. 否定回答:No ,we didn't.


1I won't go to university in four years。 Will you go to university in four years? Yes,I will. No,I won't 2There won't be a new playground in our school. Will there be a new playground in our school? Yes,There will. No,Ther...

2.否定句:My mum will not be free on 8th March . 一般疑问句:Will your mum be free on 8th March ? 肯定回答:Yes ,she will . 否定回答:No,she won`t. 划线提问:When will your mum be free?

2.tom and dale do not know her name 3.she does not have a soccer ball 4mary does not play volleyball every day 5.that not sound good

你好,答案是 2They aren't any books on the desk No they aren't Yes .they are


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