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否就是把are改成 are not

(1)否定句l am not going to visit. my grandparents this. weekend.一般疑问句Are you. going. ti. visit. your. grandparents. this. weekend.肯定回答Yes,l. am否定回答No,l am not

Are there any people in the supermarket? Yes, there are No, there aren't Does his niece live in a small suburb of London? Yes,she does No, she doesn't Do your parents like American movies very much? Yes, they do No, they don'...

1 My father isn't a reporter. Is your father a reporter? Yes,he is. No,he isn't.

1. doesn’t watch Does, watch he does he doesn’t2. doesn’t do Does, do she does she doesn’t3. don’t have Do you have I do I don’t4. can’t run Can your, run he can he can’t

We had lessons yesterday. 否定句:We didn't have lessons yesterday. 一般疑问句:Did you have lessons yeterday ? 肯定回答:Yes , we did. 否定回答:No ,we didn't.

My name is not Bob. Is your name Bob? Yes, it is. No, it is not. She is not Gindy. Is she Gindy? Yes, she is. No, she is not.

Do they go to school by bike? Yes,they do. No,they don't. Is Nancy a new student in your class? Yes,she is. No,she isn't. ******************************************************************************************************* ^...

否定句 - They weren't sad last week. 一般疑问句 - Were they sad last week? Yes, they were. / No, they weren't. 对划线部分提问 - How were they last week? 否定句 - We didn't go to Hong Kong on vacation last month. 一般疑问句 - Di...

We don't like singing.

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