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1.She is going to the cinema tonight。 否定句: She is

2.否定句:My mum will not be free on 8th March .

Kang and I can play with each other. 否定句:Kang and

句子改写一般疑问句和否定句以及肯定和否定回答方式如下: 1、一般疑问句:实义动词使用助动词置前提问

The man in cat hasn't two children .

你好, 否定:He is not my brother? 一般疑问:Is he my broth

1 My father isn't a reporter. Is your father

will变won't是否定句,还要将some变any. will提到句首是一般疑问句,we变

Iisn't ten

My name is not Bob. Is your name Bob? Yes, it is

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